Journey to mystical lands, leading you home, to your own heart.

Denise Hatch & Paulette Bodeman invite you to immerse in your own true nature for an exquisite 8 day sojourn in the beauty that is Italy. Umbria is a place of Fragrant olive oil, breads, wine and other wonderful Sacred tastes from the earth. Our tradition continues to offer one of the most profound and transformative retreat experiences possible. Denise Hatch and Paulette Bodeman are certified Anusara® teachers as well as teachers of meditation, and ceremonial practices. Through their intentional collaboration, they create sacred space for exploration, mystery and manifestation. We are passionate about helping to sustain our beautiful planet. Water is our most important resource that needs your prayer and protection. A percentage of our proceeds go to preserving the earth’s water resources. We have invested in the water protectors of the Dakota Pipeline as well as Seneca Lake.

Upcoming Retreat – France

Past Retreats – Bali

Aloha Alison Teal


Paulette Bodeman

“The dynamic pulsing chaos of life could care less. Instead, it simply scooped us up. Absorbed us into the middle of the Italian conversation of life. With all of its interests, desires, power, intrigue, mystery, deliciousness, ecstasy.”


Denise Marie Hatch

“The trip to Umbria, everything about it from the sacred forest, to the mysticism of the land, the Divine Dining we experienced together, the practices, transported everyone of us from the ordinary to the extraordinary.”

Paulette & Denise are not only exceptional Anusara yoga teachers; they are wise and insightful guides of the heart. Pack lightly (in every sense) and journey with them to this mystical and magical land!

– D.P.